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The Victorinox Quality System

Since 1884, the quality of our products has been our first priority. This high quality awareness is reflected in our efficient quality system that covers the production of pocket multi-tools, household and professional knives.

Receiving Inspection and Testing

Receiving inspection ensures that incoming materials conform to quality specifications. This includes a precise measure and function check.

Lab Verification of Incoming Material

The Victorinox labs meet with the latest standard of engineering. They guarantee that only steel and plastic, which comply with our rigorous quality standards, are used in the manufacturing of our products. The steel consists of special alloys, which possess those material characteristics that are most important for the respective field of application.

Process Control

The department managers have the responsibility to maintain, implement and improve the quality of our products. All employees are responsible for following quality procedures and for continuous, measurable improvement.

Final Inspection (Pocket Tools)

Victorinox strives to maintain its world wide reputation by implementing such high standards of quality, functionality, design and finish.


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