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Message from CJ Buck

For over a century, we have dedicated ourselves to making knives of the highest quality. Some of our knives are long-standing favorites that continue in production due to popular demand (often handed down from generation to generation). Looking to the future, we constantly strive to introduce new products that are designed for the end use. In addition to receiving valuable input from our product development team, we collaborate with a variety of professionals-mountain climbers, kayakers, hunters, fishermen, outfitters, custom knife makers and even artists.

In this web site, we give you several ways to find the right knife-and knife information, if you want it. We've organized our products into categories so you can search by knife use-Hunting/Fishing, EveryDay, Outdoor, Tactical, Limited Edition and Custom. If you are looking for a gift, why not let our Gift Selector guide you through finding the right knife for that special person? If you're a collector, we've got some great Limited Edition knives and, of course, our Collector's Club. And, if you would like a custom knife, how about letting our master craftsman custom-make a knife to your specifications?

We're working hard to continue our mission of building the highest quality knives and to give you plenty of choices in knife products. At Buck Knives, we value you as a customer and we look forward to serving your needs. Thanks for visiting!


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